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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find a collection of answers to questions we've frequently been asked by customers.

Account Queries

To make it easier to create and update you're or Trade Account we've placed answers to all the regularly asked questions here.
How to apply for an account and/or username & password
Select “Registration” from the navigation at the top of the page or click here to visit the registration pages >

If you’ve forgotten your password, just select “forgotten password” from the bottom of the log in section and follow the instructions. You’ll be able to set a new password in no time at all.

If you’re still having problems logging in, please contact our Buyer Services team on or 0333 136 1750
How do I log in?
Just select ‘log in’ from the navigation at the top of the website to get started.  To login, you’ll next need to enter your user name (this could be a user name or the email address you first registered with) together your password.

After this, if you’re still having problems logging in, please contact our Buyer Services team on or 0333 136 1750
I’ve forgotten my password / I need to reset my password
If you’ve forgotten your password, simply select “forgotten password” from the bottom of the log in section and follow the instructions.
Click here to get a password reminder >

After this, if you’re still having problems logging in, please contact our Buyer Services team on or 0333 136 1750
What proof is required for a Trade Account?
When applying for a Trade Account you’ll need to provide the following:
•    Proof of ID - Main Account Holder
•    Proof of Company Address
•    Proof of Motor Trade Insurance
•    Any other supporting document

If applying for a Trade Account online,  you’ll need to provide these documents in the following formats: pdf .doc .docx .png .jpeg or .jpg and be smaller than 2 Megabytes
Can I add an additional card holder?
When you’re registering for an account you can choose to add additional card holders – simply click the ‘Add Additional Card Holders’ button when prompted.

You can also add other card holders to an existing account by contacting our Buyer Services team at or by calling 0333 136 1750

General Queries

All you need to know from auction centres to joining simulcast can be found in the general queries section.
What dates and where do auctions take place?

We host over 120 monthly auctions in-lane and online at our UK-wide network of 10 auction centres, stretching from England’s South coast to Scotland in the North. Every week, you’ll find thousands of high quality cars, vans, trucks and more - all available to buy with the raise of a hand or the click of a button.

Find your nearest auction centre here >
View catalogues and events here >
How do I get on Simulcast?
You’ll need to be a Manheim Trade Account holder to access Simulcast. If you don’t have a Trade Account you can apply for one by clicking here >
Once you have your Trade Account, you can enter Simulcast by clicking here, or in the following locations on this website:
•    Catalogues and Events >
•    Within Catalogue listings – at the top of the Catalogue listing page
•    From the Dashboard

Download our FREE Simulcast app to get started
•    Apple Devices - iTunes Store >
•    Android Devices - Google Play Store >
How can I see Market Prices?
To see Market Prices you’ll need to have a Trade Account. To apply for an account please click here >

If you already have a Trade Account you can find the Market Prices on the following page
Auctioneer at Manheim vehicle auctions
A busy auction at Colchester

Vehicles Queries

Discover more about the vehicles available to buy through Manheim, through these helpful answers to popular questions.
How do I search for vehicles?
You can search for vehicles by using our “Quick Search” function, available by selecting Quick Search from the navigation at the top of the page, or by clicking here >

Registered account holders will gain access to our Advanced Search facility, offering even more search options. This is available by selecting ‘Advanced Search’ from the navigation at the top of the page or by clicking here > - Advanced Search is only available when you're logged in to your account.
How do I know if the mileage is Warranted?
Vehicles with warranted mileage will show a small icon of an odometer with a green tick over it – this is visible wherever the mileage for a vehicle is displayed. If you don’t see this symbol near the mileage then it’s not warranted.

Warranted mileage means that to the best of our knowledge, from all the reports we run and details provided by the vendor such as service history, there is no reason for us to believe the mileage is incorrect. Should you purchase a vehicle with warranted mileage from us and are able to prove that the mileage is incorrect, we will take that proof back to the vendor and work to rectify the issue.
What does vehicle grading mean?
NAMA Grading Definitions

Before any vehicle is made available at any Manheim car auction, it will have already been examined by one of our qualified vehicle inspectors, and graded according to its condition. We use recognised NAMA (National Association of Motor Auctions) Grading Definitions.

Each vehicle is checked using a standard viewing angle from 2 meters and at an angle of 90 degrees plus or minus 45 degrees. Only damage visible at this viewing angle will be awarded points. All areas of significant damage will have supporting digital images available.

For more information on vehicle grading visit

Grade 1
The vehicle may have minor interior and exterior defects that require SMART repairs, such as minor scratches or dents, and minor parts may need replacing. These will be recorded on the appraisal.

Grade 2
These vehicles may require repairs as Grade 1, plus up to 1 major or minor body shop repair to an individual panel or bumper. The replacement of more significant internal or external trim parts (excluding panels) might also be required. These will also be recorded on the appraisal.

Grade 3
These vehicles may require repairs as Grades 1 & 2, plus as many as up to 5 minor body shop repairs, 3 major body shop repairs, or a combination of major and minor repairs. The vehicle may require a replacement bumper, but not two. These details will be recorded on the appraisal.

Grade 4
These vehicles may require Grades 1, 2 & 3 repairs. It may have a combination of repairs including a replacement panel; this will exclude structural panels such as roofs and quarter panels. This information will be recorded on the appraisal.

Grade 5
These vehicles may require Grades 1, 2, 3 & 4 repairs. This might mean that it needs a combination of repairs, plus the vehicle may have sustained collision damage and the replacement of up to two structural panels may be required, providing there is no other damage on the vehicle. These will be recorded on the appraisal.

Grade U
Vehicles in this grade are simply uneconomical to appraise and fall into one of the following categories.
• Substantial Accident damage
• Major Parts Missing
• Multiple recorded items exceeding the criteria of Grade 5
• Multiple unrecorded items
What is Manheim SureCheck?
We've compiled answers to all the frequently asked questions about SureCheck in one handy location.

You can find them all here

Cost and Charges Queries

Here you'll find answers to questions about the costs of buying and selling with Manheim.
What are the fees for buying in lane and online?
The fees you pay when buying vehicles in lane and online depend on the Manheim account that you hold.

To find out more about fees and benefits for account holders please click here
How to sell a vehicle
To sell vehicles you’ll need to register for a Trade seller account online here >

For everything you need to know about selling through Manheim, please take a look at our helpful Selling Guides >
How can I pay?

Payments to Manheim Auction Services can be made by bank transfer or approved wholesale fund providers such as NextGear Capital. Debit card payments are no longer an accepted payment method.

How much are delivery charges?
To make transporting your vehicles from our auction centres and onto your forecourt as easy as possible, we offer a fast, dependable and cost-effective service.

Our dedicated fleet can collect any size, shape and weight of vehicle, delivering from every one of our 15 nationwide auction centres from Scotland to Cornwall. Whether it’s a single car or commercial vehicle, we offer the same ‘fast track’ level of service to all our customers - 97% of all deliveries arrive within 48 hours of your purchase.

•    Delivery from all 15 auction centres
•    Ability to handle any requirement, large and small
•    Wholly-owned low-loader fleet for trucks and plant
•    97% of all deliveries made within 48 hours of purchase
•    Enables you to comply with MOT and Tax laws
•    Fully insured professional, courteous service

Contact your local auction centre for a personalised delivery quote:
Birmingham: 0333 136 1018
Bristol: 0333 136 1007
Bruntingthorpe: 0333 136 1030
Colchester: 0333 136 1011
Gloucester: 0333 136 1005
Haydock: 0333 136 1015
Leeds: 0333 136 1001
Manchester: 0333 136 1004
Mansfield: 0333 136 1014
Northampton: 0333 136 1012
Plymouth: 0333 136 1029
Shepshed: 0333 136 1003
Shotts: 0333 136 1020
Washington: 0333 136 1017
Wimbledon: 0333 136 1006
Extra costs for buying
The hammer, or purchase price, is the price the vehicle sells for but this isn’t the final price.

The amount of the buyer’s fee always depends on the sale price of the vehicle and the Manheim account that you hold - you can find full details of how we calculate these fees at your local auction centre. If the vehicle you buy comes with our Manheim Assured peace of mind, there will be an additional fee to pay for this too.

If you buy a Mercedes-Benz with a certification stating AUCS or WV you will be charged an additional fee of £300+VAT or £400+VAT respectively, per vehicle.

For some vehicles, VAT also applies to the final price. This is currently charged at 20%.

Learn more about the benefits and fees available to Manheim buyers.

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