Buying Process

Buying at Manheim is really simple and this useful guide will show you why.

There's nothing complicated about buying at a Manheim auction. To make sure, we've created a handy guide that will make things as straightforward as possible

Register online and search for vehicles

Before visiting one of our friendly auction centres, first register online and begin searching for the kind of vehicles you’re interested in. Our online car and commercial vehicle auction catalogues will give you all the information you need about the vehicles, including detailed photographs and descriptions, and you can learn all about our auction centres too. Be sure to familiarise yourself with our Term and Conditions.

Test drive an auction

Once you’ve identified the vehicles you’re interested in and the nearest auction centres, it’s a good idea to pop along to see an auction in action. 

All our auctions are fast-paced, exciting and can be lots of fun. If it's your first time at an auction it might initially seem a little confusing, so we recommend you visit before you're ready to buy, just to get yourself fully acclimatised.

Select which vehicles you'd like

Study our auction catalogue 

If you haven’t already printed off a copy of our auction catalogue from the website, you can pick up an up-to-date copy from your local auction centre office for a small cost. You'll need to register before you can begin bidding, so you can do this at the same time or here online. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

Get here nice and early

Make sure you get to the auction centre nice and early so you can spend time looking around the vehicles before the sale starts. Check the opening hours and give yourself plenty of time.

Every vehicle in the sale has an entry form in the window. This gives you all the important information, including mileage, MOT details, and whether the vehicle is Manheim SureCheck Gold, Silver or Bronze or has a V5C document (also called the log book).


Make your bidding obvious

It’s time to bid. Make sure you stand in the hall where the auctioneer can see you and when you're ready to make a bid, signal clearly. Nods and winks and subtle signs don’t work at our car and commercial vehicle auctions, so raise your arm and make it really obvious.

The auctioneer will acknowledge your bid and then the fun starts, so listen out for rival bids and signal clearly each time you want to up your offer. Once the bidding has passed any reserve price, vehicles are sold to the highest bidder, so make sure you always stay focused and alert, and you only agree to pay what you can afford.

Remember, as a registered trader you can also bid online using your mobile phone, tablet or PC thanks to our award-winning Simulcast. At the times when it's not possible to bid online, you can still ensure you never miss out on a vehicle by making a proxy bid.

You've won. What happens next?

You've won it. Now buy it. 

You have 24 hours to settle in full and three days to drive your vehicle away. Remember, it’s your responsibility to arrange any tax and insurance.

Drive it away

Once you’ve paid in full, we’ll give you a receipt, a pass out slip so you can get the keys, plus all the vehicle documentation we have. After that, you can take it away. If you haven’t had time to arrange insurance, an MOT, or you don’t have the V5C, you won't be able to drive the vehicle away, but we can help you transport any car or commercial vehicle to any location in mainland UK.

Where next?

For more answers to the questions you want resolving, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


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