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Buying Costs

We like to make things as clear as possible. So here are our costs, all fully explained.

There are real advantages to buying at a Manheim car and commercial vehicle auction, one of those can be price. Most vehicles selling at their trade price (sometimes less).

There are some additional cost considerations involved, including deposits and buyer’s fees. This useful guide to the costs of buying at the auction explains it all right here.

Your deposit

For customers new to Manheim, we always ask for an initial one-off £500 deposit per vehicle before any bids can be made. You can make this deposit payment by debit card.

If you're then successful in bidding for a vehicle, your deposit can but used towards the full payment of your vehicle, providing payment is made on the same card. If you wish to pay by an alternative method your deposit will be returned to you and full payment will need to be made by an alternative method, such as debit or credit card, or bank transfer. We operate in this way to make sure that we comply with strict money laundering rules.

When paying your deposit please bring two forms of ID with you - one photographic and one recent bill. Acceptable forms of photographic ID include Passport, UK Driving Licence and/or National Identity Card (for non-UK nationals). A recent bill can include a utility bill, council tax statement, bank statement or land line bill dated within the last 6 months.

Should you not purchase a vehicle during the sale your £500 deposit will be returned to you on request at the end of the sale.

Paying for your vehicle
If the hammer falls in subsequent auctions and you're the winning bidder, congratulations.  Once the auction ends, you'll need to pay a £500 deposit, or 10% of the vehicle selling price (whichever is greater). You'll then have a further 24 hours to pay for the vehicle and buyer's fee in full. 

Remember, once you've paid in full, we can help by delivering your vehicle to any mainland UK location. Just ask.

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Payments desk at Manheim Auctions Bruntingthorpe

Buying fees

The hammer, or purchase, price is the price the vehicle sells for but this isn’t the final price. 

The amount of the buyer’s fee always depends on the sale price of the vehicle - you can find full details of how we calculate these fees at your local auction centre. If the vehicle you buy comes with our Manheim SureCheck peace of mind, there will be an additional fee to pay for this too.

For some vehicles, VAT also applies to the final price. This is currently charged at 20%.

To find out more about the benefits and fees for Manheim buyers, please click here >

What is a transaction fee? And who pays it?

If you pay your deposit or the purchase price using your credit card, there is a small transaction fee. This is 3.5% plus VAT (currently 20%). There are no transaction fees at all when you pay using your debit card or bank transfer. Remember, if you decide to pay by cheque or bank transfer, the vehicle will only be released once those funds have cleared.

Storage fees

The minute you've paid for your vehicle in full and the funds have cleared, it’s yours to take away within 3 working days. During that time, your vehicle will be safely stored free of charge in our secure holding area. After that, storage fees will apply and will be back dated, these are £10 plus VAT per car or van per day (for any vehicles stored at Manheim Wimbledon, Birmingham, Colchester or Bristol a charge of £20 plus VAT per car per day will apply). For trucks and trailers, our fee is £20 plus VAT per day. You’ll need to pay any additional storage fees when you collect your vehicle.

In the motor trade? Apply for an account and save money

There are so many benefits to opening an account with Manheim.

Save money - reduced buyer’s fees on every vehicle bought.

Stay informed – our personalised communications tell you about forthcoming auctions.

No on-going annual fee - as a Manheim account holder your account will stay open with no further annual fee.

Find out more about account benefits here >

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