Selling Process

Selling at Manheim is really simple.

First, find your nearest Manheim centre

Manheim's network of 11 UK auction centres stretches from Cornwall in the South to Scotland in the North. With many of our centres located close to major motorway networks, airports and train stations, there’s probably a centre close to you.  

With over 120 monthly auctions hosting all kinds of cars, vans and commercial vehicles, we're certain you'll always find the ideal auction for the vehicles you want to sell.

Getting the vehicle to us
The first step is getting your vehicle to us. Of course, you can bring it to the auction centre yourself, or for a small fee we can collect it for you. Simply choose the best option for you.

Call in at our reception when you get here

First thing to do when you arrive at the auction centre is call in to the reception where you can pick up an entry form. You'll find the form is straightforward to fill in but our experienced team will be on hand to offer any help if you need it, making sure that each section is completed fully.

Auctioneer 1

Being at the auction is fun. But not essential

Once you've fully completed and signed the entry form and handed over all your vehicle documentation, you can sit back, relax and let Manheim take care of everything. 

We're proud to say that more than 80% of vehicles sold at Manheim sell the first time, so you can trust our dedicated auction centre team to work hard on your behalf. 

We're always happy to see our sellers at the auction but with Manheim taking care of everything, it's not essential. So once you've handed over your entry form, car keys and documents, the next you might hear from us is when our payment reaches your bank account.

A few more things to remember

Before your vehicle can enter the auction, we’ll first need to establish that you own the vehicle, so remember to bring along all the paperwork you have, including the V5C document. Please also bring photographic ID, either passport or driving licence and proof of address which matches the name and address on the V5C.

Also, if the vehicle has a current MOT certificate make sure you bring this, as well as any from previous years. A good service history can make a vehicle really attractive to buyers when selling at the auction, as can a spare key. So please hand these to our team as well.

For private sellers who are not in the trade, we'll need to see a bank statement or details of a bank account so we can transfer funds straight into the account when the vehicle has sold and been paid for.

If you’re VAT registered, we will have already asked for your VAT number on the entry form. We might have also asked for evidence of VAT registration and whether you recovered any VAT when you originally purchased the vehicle. This helps us determine the VAT status of the vehicle.

We get the funds to you quickly

Things happen quickly at a Manheim auction, and this includes the payments. Our buyers know that when they win a vehicle at the auction, the deposit must be paid the same day, with the remaining balance paid in full within 24 hours.  

Our buyers aren't the only ones who pay quickly either. As soon as full payment is received, we'll begin processing your payment, aiming to put the funds into your bank account (less any fees and commission) within a matter of days.

Market Intelligence keeps your finger on the pulse
Market Prices provides an exclusive used vehicle pricing insight
Many factors influence the price of used vehicles, including availability, fuel costs, popularity, even the time of year. Prices regularly fluctuate as a result, so for sellers or buyers having access to the very latest vehicle market prices by make, model and version can bring commercial advantages.

The Market Prices index includes cars and vans and uses up-to-the-minute data from the tens of thousands of vehicles selling through Manheim each month to show sales and prices across our entire auction network.

This index is exclusively available to Manheim’s sellers and buyers, and provides access to an accurate and insightful analysis of current used vehicle market prices.

Manheim buyers and sellers can compare our latest index figures with CAP guide prices to help make informed decisions 24/7 and maximise every opportunity.

Benefits of Market Prices
  • Up-to-date car and van pricing index using data from Manheim’s nationwide network
  • Monitors and reports on the tens of thousands of vehicles sold at Manheim each month
  • Compare current auction prices with CAP guide figures for an accurate view of the market
Start using Market Prices today >

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