Selling Options

In-lane at the auction or online with a click, there are many ways to sell at Manheim.

So many ways to match sellers with buyers

We’re known for being motor industry pioneers, always looking at fresh new ways to make selling at Manheim even more effective for our customers. Our traditional in-lane auctions are now just one of several routes to sale.

In-lane at the auction

Selling in-lane or virtually at any one of Manheim’s 10 auction centres is the most popular way to sell vehicles. Auction are attended by a vast network of buyers from the motor trade, all looking for cars, vans or trucks to buy and ready and willing to compete for the ones they want.

In addition to all those people in the hall at selected sites, there’s an even bigger network of bidders online, watching and bidding live via our award-winning Simulcast platform. Little wonder then that with so many bidders at every Manheim auction, vehicles usually take just 60 seconds to sell.

Find out all about Manheim's award-winning Simulcast
Using our award-winning Simulcast system, trade buyers and sellers can participate in live auctions via their mobile phone, tablet or PC. This innovative technology lets buyers and sellers see and hear all the action on their screens, as if they were standing right there in the hall.

Users of Simulcast can even watch several auctions at once and communicate with the auctioneer in real-time using instant messaging. They can also make bids online with a single click or screen stroke, and compete for stock with buyers who are physically present at the auction.

Best of all, this can be done from almost any location in the UK, as Simulcast broadcasts live auctions to mobiles, tablets and PCs on forecourts, service bays, sales offices, even 30,000 ft up in the air to a plane. Yes, really!
Virtual Auction

Online, at your convenience

For large trade customers, including manufacturers, main dealers and finance or leasing companies, listing vehicles in an online auction offers a simple and convenient way to make vehicles instantly available.

So many ways to reach more buyers online
Bid and buy online from anywhere
Buying online is becoming more and more popular with many motor traders. In fact, more than one third of all vehicles sold through Manheim are now sold online.

With access to vehicles online, ‘attendance’ and purchasing of vehicles isn’t limited by geographical location. Instead, you can log on from anywhere in the world and buy vehicles using your mobile, tablet or PC.

You can view vehicles online , browse stock, and study vehicle information, photographs and detailed inspection reports too.

Online Auctions
Online Auctions are identical in many ways to using Simulcast when bidding on an in lane auction. The only real difference is that they occur exclusively online and not at an auction centre.

When the auction is under way, you’ll see and hear the action as it happens. You can even communicate live with the auctioneer using our instant message service, and compete for vehicles by bidding in real-time.  All vehicle information is available to view including specification, detailed condition report and images.

Online Auctions can be closed or trade only.

During our closed online auctions, specially invited motor trade buyers are given exclusive access to quality stock direct from major vehicle manufacturers.

As the name suggests, our trade only online auctions are accessible only to buyers from the motor trade, providing an opportunity to purchase a selection of vehicles from finance companies, leasing companies, main dealers and vehicle manufacturers.

Buy Now - the 24/7 route to stock
Our online Buy Now facility provides 24/7 access to a large choice of quality vehicles - all available to buy right there and then with the click of a button.
Full vehicle information is available online, including detailed digital photographs and our full vehicle condition reports.

In addition, buyers can ask questions and find out more about any vehicle listed by simply phoning 0333 136 1022 and speaking with our helpful team.

Timed Bidding Events
Manheim also hosts regular timed bidding events. All the vehicles are listed online for a fixed period of days, and during this time buyers can place bids and compete for vehicles. In some cases, vehicles are also listed with instant Buy Now prices.

A personal selling service, working hard for you

Manheim works hard on behalf of sellers away from our auctions too.

Our dedicated Trade Sales team works directly with trade buyers across the UK, using their experience and knowledge in targeting specific stock to the right buyers. 

Providing an entirely bespoke service, our trusted account managers help to negotiate prices, arrange convenient delivery when required and often encourage prompt sales over the phone.

Manheim's account managers work one-to-one with a nationwide network of trade buyers, helping to source vehicles and negotiate prompt sales

Always here to help. Just ask.
However you choose to sell your vehicles at Manheim, you'll find we're always happy to help.

So if you have any questions about selling online or in-lane, just want to find out more about what we do and how we do it, or you'd simply like some advice on what auction option might work best for you, just ask. Call us on 0333 136 1750 or contact us here.

With decades of vehicle auction experience, plus teams of industry professionals available at every auction centre and at the end of a phone, we're sure we'll have the answers.

Where next?

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