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Regardless of the make, model, age or condition of car you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Manheim. Our auction centres across the UK offer thousands of cars every week from a huge variety of manufacturer, fleet and dealer sources, with each event being run by our expert auction teams and experienced auctioneers.

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Commercial vehicles - Vans

Each of our specialist UK van auction centres have one thing in common – professional teams of dedicated commercial vehicle experts working on-site, offering specialist advice, industry knowledge and as much help as buyers and sellers need.

You’ll find regular auctions offering up to 300 used vans - from a wide variety of manufacturer, fleet and dealer sources.

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Commercial vehicles - Trucks

Demand for HGV is extremely strong, and with our new HGV auction programme underpinned by Simulcast, you’ll find hundreds of trucks of all shapes and sizes available every week.

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Commercial vehicles - Plant machinery

When it comes to sourcing quality used-plant machinery and equipment, our commercial vehicle experts are on hand offer specialist advice to buyers and sellers.

You’ll find quality machinery and plant items from a wide variety of sources such as major contract-hire operators, leasing companies, finance houses, councils, local authorities, utility companies, dealers and company fleets.

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