Vehicle Services

De-fleet services

Prepare your vehicles for disposal and keep your bottom line in top condition.

Remarketing preparation

Moving and preparing a large number of vehicles for auction or resale has inherent complexities that requires the right facilities and technical knowledge, at scale.

From NAMA inspection and appraisal, refurbishment, inventory control, vehicle servicing, valeting and channel management, our qualified and experienced team can help you efficiently and profitably dispose of your vehicles.


Refurbishment and repairs

Improving the condition of a vehicle ahead of sale can mean it attracts more attention at auction and provide a greater return on investment.

Our specialised facilities enable our expert technicians to carry out any work required such as major and minor body shop repairs, and SMART repairs, all to the standards expected from your brand.

Vehicle Services

Every vehicle is its best light

It’s important that your vehicles are presented in their best light at auction to attract attention and bids. Our professional de-logoing and valet services ensure your vehicles represent your brand in a professional manner, with a wide range of options available to suit your specific needs.

In life services

Expertise and scale

Across our six UK sites, we process over 250,000 vehicles a year meaning we can offer a scalable service to meet your needs. Vehicles are process and managed by fully trained and qualified technicians with experience working on a wide spectrum of vehicle makes and models.

Through our acquisition of C. Walton Ltd., we’ve invested heavily in infrastructure, technologies and expertise to ensure we can offer whole-life vehicle services to manufacturers, fleets and dealers of any size.

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