New auction lane

We have made improvements to Manheim Bristol's auction centre to bring you new auction experiences.

These exciting chnages have brought to you a third lane featuring even more stock and choice in one convenient location.

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Third lane success at Manheim Bristol

Money4YourMotors in Manheim Bristol's 3rd lane with 130 vehicles every week

Exciting things have come to our new lane at Manheim Bristol, as Money4YourMotors moved to a prime time slot in the new lane. Bristol has recently transformed, and thanks to an additional lane and improvements across the centre, it’s now bigger and better than ever. 

Every Monday, our expert vendor, Money4YourMotors, will be exclusively fuelling the third lane at the brand new peak slot of 10am. We know convenience and quality are at the top of your list, so we’re using our extra space to give you more varied stock than ever. Money4YourMotors’ new dedicated lane means a guaranteed weekly volume of 130 vehicles, with full potential for significantly more as the sale accelerates.

Join us at Manheim Bristol at 10am every Monday to experience the three lanes in action, and see the transformation for yourself.

If you can’t make it in person, don’t worry. Our award-winning Simulcast platform means bidding and buying online couldn’t be easier, wherever you are.

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We’ve invested in your auction centre - take a look

Below you'll find a plan, showing you the new layout of the auction centre and how the three lanes work.

An artist's impression of Manheim Bristol, showing the new third lane

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