Vehicle inspections

Manheim's highly detailed inspection report, giving you access to more information to help you make your vehicle buying decisions with confidence.

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More images, now in high resolution and zoomable | improved history and usage details | damage assessment listed by severity

About the report

Within the report we provide detailed vehicle history, previous usage, and we also report if there are any odours present.

Vehicle equipment and features are listed in order of importance, as defined by our clients.

Detailed wheel and type descriptions provided in every report.

We also provide Manheim SureCheck checklist, showing all the items the vehicle has been checked against and whether it meats safety and operational standards. Find out more about Manheim SureCheck here >

Damage to the vehicle will be highlighted in up to five high resolution images per damage line and listed in order of NAMA grade severity.

Review every detail with our improved inspection reports

Where to find the report

The vehicle inspection report is available through online vehicle listings where you can view the report and damage assessment from your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, wherever you are. To view the report you'll need to to your account and select view condition report on the vehicle listing.

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Benefits and features

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We've included our Manheim SureCheck checklist within the inspection report, giving you more clarity on what has been checked.

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Equipment and features

We listened to your feedback and now list vehicle equipment and features in order of importance.

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Inspect vehicle damage in greater detail with up to 5 high resolution images, listed by severity, per damage line.

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The report is easy to view, print and download in a handy interactive PDF format.

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