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Get time back in your busy schedule with Simulcast, the online bidding platform for buying vehicles from Manheim.

Available exclusively to motor trade and business account holders, Simulcast allows you to bid in real-time against online and physical buyers from the comfort of your office or the convenience of your forecourt - removing the need to interrupt your business day by travelling to an auction centre. All you need to do is login online using your desktop computer or laptop.

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Why choose Simulcast?

Dealer in office bidding online with SimulcastUsing live video and audio feeds showing the auction halls of all our 15 UK auction centres, you can bid on vehicles from any location as they go through the auction lane. All vehicles feature fully comprehensive images and inspection reports – plus you can instant message the auctioneer with any questions.

Browse vehicle details from mileage to fuel type and specification to engine size, along with CAP and Glass's prices to give you a clear idea of the vehicle's value.

Simulcast is ideal for bidding on multiple auctions at the same time, ensuring you never miss a bid on the vehicle you want – even if they’re at the other side of the country.

Manheim's Simulcast won an award from The Institute of Customer Service
Amongst other awards, Simulcast won the Customer Satisfaction Innovation of the Year Award from the Institute of Customer Service in 2014.

Online fees

When buying with Simulcast, each vehicle is subject to an online fee in addition to your regular buyer fee. The online fee charged depends on your buyer account tier, the prices are as follows:

  • Advantage - £45 per vehicle
  • Club - £42.50 per vehicle
  • Club+ - £40 per vehicle
  • Premier - £37.50 per vehicle
  • Premier+ - £35 per vehicle

To find out more about the benefits and fees when buying at Manheim click here

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If you don’t have an online account registering is simple, just click the link below and complete your details along with supplying documented proof of your identity, address and motor trade insurance. Opening an account will incur a one-off set up fee of £70 for a motor trader or £85 for a business account that will cover the lifetime of your account.

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Already have a acount? You do not need to register for Simulcast, just login here

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