Vehicle grading at Manheim

NAMA vehicle gradingBefore a vehicle is made available at any Manheim auction centre, it will have already been examined by one of our qualified vehicle inspectors, and graded according to its condition. We use recognised NAMA (National Association of Motor Auctions) grading definitions to determine any damage - the standard grading scheme for motor auctions.

Grading vehicles according to NAMA standards means that we can make it easier for buyers to select the vehicles they want to purchase, safe in the knowledge that the vehicle is in the condition stated in the inspection report. The grading scheme is especially useful for buyers who need extra transparency when looking to buy online.

The scheme has 5 grades which are based on the external condition of a vehicle. The grades are determined on a points system allocated by type and severity of damage. Grades are assessed by inspectors at each auction specifically trained to grade vehicles and working to a strict standard.

There are no additional fees for buyers when purchasing a NAMA graded vehicle, however you may want to recondition the vehicle before retailing.

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NAMA Grading for LCVs

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