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Target business travellers for high-value sales

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Dealers wanting to close high-value sales should focus on a certain type of customer – business travellers, according to a new study.

Research by travel intelligence specialist ADARA Magellan has looked into the online shopping habits of business travellers and found that because they're so often on the move, they're more likely to exploit connected devices and engage with online content than the average population.

Business travellers spend 40% more time online on mobile devices than the general population, with more than eight in ten relying on their smartphone (85%) and tablet (89%) to complete their purchases. They also rely heavily on online media to make purchase decisions, the study found.
For the automotive industry, the research means that marketing efforts within the sector should focus on this lucrative audience segment.

According to the study, buying a new car is high on the list of priorities for business travellers. Two in three (62%) are looking to purchase a new vehicle within the next year, compared with just 39% of leisure travellers and 12% of non-travellers.

Additionally, one in five business travellers plan to buy an electric vehicle and one in three are planning to purchase a hybrid vehicle, the study found.

The fact that one in five own a sports car or coupe and 11% a convertible, compared to 16% of leisure travellers and 10% of non-travellers who own a sports car or coupe and just 3% of non-travellers who own a convertible, should encourage marketers to focus more on business travellers.

Business travellers are an affluent, tech-savvy and loyal audience, and should be considered in a brand's overall marketing strategy, says ADARA.

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