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More savvy British car buyers are going ultra-low

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It seems that the government's push of ultra low emissions vehicles (ULEVs) is paying off.

In just six months of 2015, electric car registrations have surpassed their year-long 2014 total, says Go Ultra Low, the government campaign to promote greener vehicles.

Sales of ULEVs have grown at a rate of 256% so far this year, reaching 14,586 new registrations from January to June – up by more than ten thousand on the same period last year, says the organisation.

And what's more, registrations are doubling year on year in every region.

"It's clear to see that ultra low emission driving is making real headway in the motoring market as more and more motorists decide to make the switch," said Go Ultra Low.

Transport minister Andrew Jones commented: "I am delighted to see such a huge rise in the number of people buying ultra low emission vehicles.

"The Go Ultra Low campaign is making low emission vehicles an increasingly popular choice and the government is investing £500 million over the next five years in making them more accessible to families and businesses across the country."

Meanwhile, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has noted the 39th consecutive month of growth in new car registrations. According to figures released by the organisation, new car registrations rose 2.4% in May to 198,706 units.

It, too, commented on the strong surge in demand for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), offering figures of 11,842 in 2015, compared with 2,838 in 2014.

The growth is evidence of UK car buyers' increasing awareness of the significant benefits of driving a ULEV, as they look to reduce their running costs and environmental impact, said the SMMT.
Motorists can now choose from a diverse range of around 20 ULEVs, compared to just six in 2011.

Demand will continue to grow, the organisation predicts, since there's now more choice for motorists.

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