Dealer Auction video has arrived

Dealer Auction video listings are the ‘reel’ deal

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Dealer Auction, the UK's largest trade only online vehicle auction, has introduced video capability to allow dealers to enhance their part-exchange stock listings and improve their profitability. Listings featuring footage of vehicles are likely to give buyers greater confidence, helping to achieve the highest possible bids.

Stock is offered on Dealer Auction’s platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and buyers are always looking for well-presented vehicles that have been accurately appraised. The new video capability within listings allows dealers to enhance their presentation of a part-exchange vehicle, providing prospective buyers with a more complete view.

Videos on Dealer Auction listings can be filmed on a smartphone or tablet before being uploaded and added to the listing in the same way as an image. The video will play automatically within the image gallery when a buyer clicks on it.

Gavin Smith, managing director of Dealer Auction, said: “Not only are we providing dealers with another tool to help them sell their part-exchange stock in the most profitable way, but we will also provide training on how to present videos for buyers professionally, from staging shots to filming techniques.”

The new video capability allows dealers to convey elements of the vehicle that would otherwise not be possible in images and the description alone, for example the sound of the engine, or the action of a convertible roof.

Gavin added: “For online auctions, presentation is just, if not more important than for physical auctions, as buyers only have the images, description, and now video, to go on.Vehicles presented professionally almost always achieve higher prices. On Dealer Auction, it is all about honesty, and an accurate appraisal of a car’s condition – warts and all – will increase the likelihood of attracting bids.”
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