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Another very strong week but a word of warning, fleet and manufacturing product is still very strong as numbers continue to fall and prices continue to rise.

There are signs that dealer vehicles are just starting to turn, as buyers are concerned that we will be seeing big numbers coming back from the change of plates. This may well be the case but as far as the auctions are concerned, a number of these part exchanges will be retailed rather than come to auction and it will probably be April until we start seeing big increases in numbers, so it is vital that we get this message across to our buyers.

With the relatively mild winter, we have not seen a big spike in the prices of 4 x 4 vehicles and in fact, some models have become hard work. However, I was in Bruntingthorpe on Wednesday when Jeep was in big demand and many selling into book, Alfa Romeo very popular.

Manchester once again had a great sale for Ford Credit with 100% clearance and some eye watering prices.

As well as cars and light commercials, we are also seeing a big resurgence in the HGV markets with the new standalone sale at Gloucester already a big success with buyers making it a regular weekly date.

Commercial numbers continue to rise and our big four commercial auctions at Leeds, Haydock, Gloucester and Colchester are bursting at the seams and struggling to take any more vehicles until the units are sold.

It’s funny because I always say that the auction business is like no other. We don’t sell product we sell vehicles and we have to be able to wheel and deal but the coverage the Manheim remarketing network covers, not only physically but also online, provides both our vendors and buyers with the knowledge that all our stock can be purchased with ease and we have Everything for Everyone, Everywhere.

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