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The build-up to this season’s plate change has been unusual, to say the least. Strong consumer demand during what has always been a traditionally quiet holiday period resulted in strong forecourt sales and an unexpected shortage of good stock. This in turn led to some vendors holding onto quality part exchange vehicles to sell themselves, rather than the usual move to clear their decks and make way for fresh cars.

As a consequence, we expect the usual flood of vehicles to initially resemble more of a steady stream, at least during these first few weeks; although by early October, volumes should be somewhere near normal ‘plate change’ levels.

Citroen contracted car key

Big buyer benefits

What does this mean for Manheim’s buyers? Well surprisingly, it brings a number of benefits. For instance, despite the strength of the market, sellers still have to work hard to find buyers for their vehicles and therefore many make an extra effort to make their stock appealing.

That’s because smart sellers know that Manheim buyers don’t want to buy extra work. Instead, they simply want to purchase the vehicle, clean the vehicle, put it onto their forecourt and sell it fast; all with minimum fuss and expense.

So whether it’s a Volkswagen or a Vauxhall, a Ford or a Fiat you’re buying, keep your eye out for a large range of great condition Grade 1 & 2 cars going through our auctions this plate change - quality really is key at Manheim this time of year.

Andy Conde

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