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Auction update from Andy Conde - 16th June 2016

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Great week overall, conversion rates across the board are up by 8% and generally a much brighter feel around the country.

Andy CondeEntries are starting to ease which is giving buyers less choice, as the demand is still brisk.

In fairness, vendors are coming to the party and are willing to negotiate on prices rather than hold out for every penny, as they realise that they have to sell to keep the wheels turning.

However, many of our fleet vendors have multiples of similar stock, which is proving difficult to sell.

From a personal point of view, I felt very proud last week when Charlie Lawton, a recent graduate from the Auctioneer’s Academy, made his debut at a high profile Jaguar sale in Bristol.

Also, Jordan Bilson, who we know is a real rising star, officiated at a theatre auction for Mazda at their new headquarters. This sale was attended by many of the senior management from Mazda and Jordan represented Manheim with pride and with 100% success - he did a fantastic job.

It has been great to see provisional bids being converted from the auction hall floors as the sales are going-on - the success rate of bids can make or break a sale and it is an expert job in itself. Long may this continue!

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