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Glass's reveals top five optional extras for adding value

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Not many optional extras increase the value of a car or make it easier to sell -- but there are a few exceptions, valuations specialist Glass's said in a recent blog post.

Rupert Pontin, head of valuations, listed the top five optional extras that have a positive impact on residual values.

1. Satnav

Top of the list is built-in satellite navigation, an option that is seen as almost essential on any car in the prestige sector and, increasingly, for mid-market vehicles. An upgraded satnav with a larger screen and better mapping will also add value for cars at the upper end of the market.

2. Upgraded alloy wheels

Apart from body colour, wheels tend to have the biggest impact on the appearance of a car. Upgraded, larger alloys can improve forecourt appeal.

3. Panoramic roof

Available as an option on some new cars, a panoramic sunroof can also make a vehicle look more appealing, while adding to the everyday driving experience by providing extra light in the cabin.

Buying a new car4. Bluetooth integration

Research has shown that younger buyers in particular want the ability to access phone functions and music through their car while on the move. "The better the phone integration, the faster the sale," Pontin said.

5. Air conditioning/climate control

Cars without air conditioning are generally harder to sell. And at the upper end of the market, buyers like to see climate control rather than standard air con.

Pontin stressed that, apart from these five added extras, almost nothing that can be added to a vehicle has any real value.

"Even some options that are very expensive, such as advanced safety features and upgraded audio systems, offer little or nothing in increased value," he said.

The bottom line is that, unless you really want them, it's not worth adding most optional extras to a car because the value won't be reflected in the resale price, Pontin concluded.

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