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Manheim and Citroën excel in Las Vegas

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Manheim has announced a 100% sales rate following an exclusive used car auction event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The unique off-site sale for Citroën was a collaboration between Manheim Online in the UK and Manheim's Nevada team, and was held at the company's auction centre in the city.
23 Citroën dealer representatives were flown over from the UK to attend the event and experience a Manheim US auction environment.
100% of the 125 Citroën used vehicles offered were sold at 102.88% CAP, an estimated 4.5% higher than current market conditions.
Manheim and Citroen at Nevada Las Vegas
Paul Drake, remarketing manager for Citroën UK, said: "We are incredibly pleased with the success of the Manheim Nevada event. Taking them to Las Vegas was a fantastic opportunity to build on our reputation for providing the best service to our dealers.
"The feedback was extremely positive and all dealers were fully engaged with, and purchased all vehicles on offer, which is a fantastic result. We would like to thank the Manheim UK and US teams for organising an incredible, unique and memorable five days for both Citroën UK and the dealer network."
Manheim Online has significant experience in holding off-site auctions and creates a series of events each year for clients. The Las Vegas auction, which took place on 10 November follows a successful Manheim and Citroën collaboration held 'at sea' last year at Solent Fort.
Tim Hudson, managing director of Inventory Solutions at Cox Automotive, said: "Our off-site sales are always spectacular and showcase our ability to provide market leading service around the world.
"Having partnered with Citroën UK for off-site sales since 2015, we are thrilled that the Nevada event was such a success. Our team were outstanding and we look forward to next year's location."

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