5 reasons why you should consider buying an electric car

5 reasons why you should consider buying an electric car

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There’s no doubt about it, electric vehicles are on the rise. 2017 saw the biggest adoption of alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) to date, which is a clear indication of where the industry is heading.

According to the SMMT, registrations for new AFVs, which include electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel celled vehicles, were up 34.8% in 2017. This led to a record 4.7% market share. 

And in terms of the used-car market, Motors.co.uk reported a 5% growth in electric vehicle (EV) listings last year.

Despite this growth there is still a lot of resistance towards electric powered vehicles, be it a fear of change, lack of knowledge, or just the worry that the battery won’t last long enough. 

Below we list 5 reasons why you may want to consider an electric powered vehicle for your next purchase.

1) Low running costs

In most cases, electric vehicles are cheaper to run. Per mile it can cost around 2-3p with electric, which is considerably less than comparative petrol or diesel vehicles. 

Even the batteries are getting much better. From 2010-2016 the average price of EV batteries fell by 80%. The range of electric vehicles is also far better than early models, some 5 reasons why you should consider buying an electric cargetting you as far as 300 miles on a single charge.

More expensive models can of course go further than this, and there are even rumours of a breakthrough in technology that could lead to battery range tripling soon. 

As the government continues to invest in more charging points in cities, and with the added ability to charge at home, worrying about running out of juice will seem a thing of the past.

2) Less Maintenance

As EV’s have less moving parts, you could notice that you spend much less time at the garage getting a service or repairs done. With the hundreds of moving parts that make up an internal combustion engine, there is a lot that can wear out and break. With electric vehicle motors this just isn’t an issue, and chances are if anything does wear out, it will be a simple fix. 

Over time you may notice the batteries start to degrade, but many now come with an 8 year/100k mile warranty, which is more than enough for most people.  

Brakes will still wear out of course, but at a much lower rate than fossil-fuel powered cars. This is due to the regenerative nature of an EV motor that puts up far less strain on the brakes. 

3) Environmental impact

Perhaps the biggest advantage to owning an electric vehicle is the peace-of-mind knowing that you’re having much less of an impact on the environment whilst driving from A to B. With zero tail-pipe emissions you will be contributing much less air pollution.
5 reasons why you should consider buying an electric car
You also won’t contribute nearly as much noise pollution as an internal combustion engine vehicle. Most EV’s are extremely quiet, and many hybrid vehicles are able to run entirely on electric power for short commutes around town. As we see more and more electric vehicles on our roads, we will have the added benefit of more peaceful surroundings.

4) Government incentives

The UK government made their commitment to alternatively fuelled vehicles very clear in 2017, with a pledge to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel models by 2040. Not only this, but they have introduced some incentives to owners of electric vehicles. 

From 2017, all EV’s are VED exempt (tax free). This is great news to those who see electric vehicles as a cost saving measure and adds further value on top of the low running costs. 

EV’s are also exempt from the London congestion charge due to their zero tail-pipe emissions. This makes owning an EV in the capital a big bonus with the current daily charge being a hefty £11.50. If other cities follow suit and introduce a clean-air zone, which seems to be the case, it stands to reason that owning an electric vehicle for city driving will be very beneficial. 

5) Variety is the spice of life

There are now dozens of choices of electric powered vehicles available in the used market. From the small and compact Renault Zoe

, to supercars such as the Tesla Roadster, there is something for everyone. 

5 reasons why you should consider buying an electric carIt’s important to consider your needs when choosing an AFV. Are you planning to drive short distances around town? Then an all-electric vehicle may be for you. If you’ll be driving long distances down a motorway, maybe consider a hybrid or plug-in hybrid that still has many of the benefits listed above. 

As we see new registrations for electric vehicles increase year-on-year, this is turn will lead to more and more second-hand models in the used car market, and therefore in Manheim’s auction lanes. These tend to be significantly cheaper and provide a good option for people looking to purchase their first electric car.   

For an idea of which all-electric vehicles are popular, here's a rundown of our best selling models in 2017...

     1) Nissan Leaf
     2) Renault ZOE
     3) BMW i3
     4) Vauxhall Ampera
     5) Mercedes-Benz B Class
     6) Peugeot iOn
     7) Tesla Model S
     8) Renault Twizy
     9) Mitsubishi i-MiEV
     10) Citroën C-Zero

5 reasons why you should consider buying an electric car
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