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The used car market in February [Infographic]

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At Manheim, we’re in a great position to see current used market trends thanks to the thousands of cars that are auctioned through our lanes every month. We want to share this knowledge with dealers so you can gain a better understanding of the current market, and make smarter decisions. 

February was a strong month, reflecting dealer confidence and a buoyant market. Average sale prices are up for petrol and diesel, with vehicle mileage continuing its trend downwards. All of this is despite overall volumes being down 6.71%. Scrappage schemes, a decline in new car registrations, and a general shift in dealers to focus on used car stock is likely the cause for the drop. 

For more info check out the full infographic below, and for a view of the whole industry, read Cox Automotive’s monthly report.

Manheim February market report infographic

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