MINI car at Manheim auction

Market Tracker - May

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Manheim wholesale data May 2019
May was a challenging month in the wholesale arena as increased vehicle volumes met a softer retail market.

According to data from Manheim, overall average vehicle values held relatively steady MoM (down 0.8%), while the value of ex-fleet vehicles increased by 6.8%.

Philip Nothard, Customer Insight and Strategy Director, said: “2019 has been a market of two halves, with ready to retail vehicles in hot demand while lower grade cars struggled to attract bids.”

“Increased wholesale volume in May has emphasised this divide even further, with fleet vehicles in good condition attracting significantly higher levels of interest in the hall.”

Wholesale fuel comparison graphic

The increase in the average value of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) reflects increased consumer interest, and a general shortage of these vehicles entering the market.

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