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Hilton Garage becomes the latest used car supermarket to sign with Cox Automotive

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Hilton Garages

A used car supermarket with a rich half-century of history behind it has signed an exclusive deal with Cox Automotive to dispose of around 3,000 vehicles a year via Manheim Auction Services.

Family-owned Hilton Garage Car Supermarket in Derby, one of the largest purpose-built car supermarket sites in Britain, will also deploy Cox Automotive’s eVA platform for real-time, online and in-store vehicle valuations as part of the two-year deal. It further extends the growing list of used car supermarkets choosing to dispose of trade stock through Cox Automotive’s auction channels.

Founded in 1973, Hilton operates one of the largest purpose-built car supermarkets in the UK.

Sam Panayides, Sales Director at Cox Automotive, said: “We are extremely pleased to agree terms with Hilton Garage, a long-established and proud automotive presence whose well-known reputation for great customer service neatly matches our own. They have committed a considerable volume of vehicles into our auction channels and that’s great news for our customers, especially as demand for stock remains so high.”

Hilton Garage Director George Manning said the past few years had shown just how resilient his business is and that Hilton’s lack of reliance on outside funding has stood them in good stead as they begin what is expected to be another successful year of trading.

He added: “Hilton Garage has been around for a long time and it gives us enormous pleasure to push a significant amount of trade stock through Manheim’s auction channels. Cox Automotive and Hilton have a lot in common, in terms of our commitment to customer service and our values, so this is an easy fit.

“Just as important to us is how Cox Automotive does business in the right way, which means not competing with their customers in the retail market and that is an approach that we are fully behind.”

Hilton is the latest used car supermarket to sign with Cox Automotive. In summer of last year, four supermarkets agreed deals. They have joined the likes of Big Motoring World and AvailableCar in choosing to push trade vehicles through Manheim auction channels.  

The 100-vehicle-strong launch sale of Hilton stock begins at 10am on Wednesday, 17th January at Manheim Birmingham.

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