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QuickList Imagery enables you to add images to your vehicle listings within hours of purchase.

Time costs you money.

We asked our customers how long it takes them on average to capture photographs and list the vehicle online from the moment the hammer falls at auction. Over 60% told us that it typically takes them at least 3 days. The average daily rate of depreciation on a used family hatchback is approximately £7. That means over half of dealers lose more than £20 in depreciation on every single vehicle just by waiting to get it photographed and listed online.

QuickList Imagery is available in two formats:

QuickList Imagery no background
QuickList Original Imagery  

QuickList Original Imagery provides a pack of 12 images as captured during Manheim’s vehicle preparation process. Imagery is available immediately at auction. Just have it added to your vehicle invoice at the payments desk and your photos will be available to download via our website straight away.

QuickList Customised Imagery
QuickList Customised Imagery  

Our customised service allows a background of your choice to be added to any of the external vehicle photographs taken in one of our 360 photo booths. Your customised images will be ready within 12 hours once you have ordered from our website.

How to purchase images

To purchase images, visit the ‘Won’ page in your My Manheim area after logging in, and follow the simple instructions.

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