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We’re proud to announce the arrival of our new 360° vehicle imagery. Rolling out now across all auction centres, you’ll soon be able to see vehicles online from all angles, in high resolution.

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New to Manheim 360° images - assess damage in high resolution and zoom in for detailed inspection

Inspect vehicles your way

Not only can you view more angles of each vehicle, you can now zoom in to see the finer details yourself, including damage assessment.

In addition, there are over 12 images per vehicle - all in high resolution, so you don’t miss a thing.

View vehicles using 360° images on

Viewing 360° images

Look out for the 360° symbol on vehicle images throughout It's simple to use, just select the image then use the zoom and rotate navigation buttons on the image or drag and swipe on a touchscreen device.

Make sure you to your online account to make the most of the 360° images.

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Benefits and features

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Rotate and zoom

Rotate vehicles 360° to inspect from every angle and zoom to assess damage in greater detail.

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Clear visuals

Images are captured using a rotating platform in front of a white screen, minimising background distractions.

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High resolution

Each high resolution 360° image is accompanied by over 12 high resolution still images of the vehicle.

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Available to all

360° images are available on any device - PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. Just drag and swipe the images on a touchscreen device.

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