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With Simulcast, motor trade and business account holders don't need to take time out of their busy schedule to head to an auction.

You can bid in real-time against online and physical buyers from the comfort of your office or the convenience of your forecourt - removing the need to interrupt your business day by travelling to an auction centre.

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How does Simulcast work?

Using live video feeds showing the auction halls of all our 15 UK auction centres, you can bid on vehicles from any location as they approach the rostrum. All vehicles feature fully comprehensive images and inspection reports – plus you can instant message the auctioneer with any questions.

Browse vehicle details from mileage to fuel type and specification to engine size, along with CAP and Glass's prices to give you a clear idea of the vehicle's value. Additionally vehicles featuring a minimum sale value, set by the vendor, will display the reserve price within the vehicle listing in Simulcast, allowing you to gauge whether your bid could meet the price range.

Not able to login during the auction?

If you’re not able to login to Simulcast or attend a physical auction – don’t forget you can place a proxy bid. Just submit the top price you’d be willing to pay and we’ll place your bids up to that amount, if the hammer value doesn’t reach your proxy bid price we’ll only charge you the hammer value (plus the usual fees).

It's simple to bid and buy online with your mobile phone

Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Use Simulcast on any desktop or portable device, safe in the knowledge that your bid will be registered in the auction as soon as you click.

You can also watch, listen and bid in real-time online with video feeds live from all auction centres using the Simulcast app, available to download for FREE on Apple and Android mobile devices

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