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How Much is Bad Driving Costing Your Fleet?

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Ever wondered how much bad driving actually costs in terms of the overall cost of your fleet? Figures released by Chevin Fleet Solutions have put a price on poor motoring, Fleet World reports.

The difference between good and bad drivers can mean a 25% variance in fleet whole-life costs, according to figures compiled from among the company’s customer database – the best drivers can reduce total costs by 12% below average, however drivers who aren’t so skilled behind the wheel can spell a 13% increase.
The vehicle costs most impacted by bad driving were fuel, maintenance, accidents and vehicle condition.

David Gladding, sales director, said the figures support a “growing awareness among fleets about the level of impact that driver behaviour can have on overall costs.”

“In terms of an average vehicle life cycle, the difference between the best and worst drivers will run into thousands of pounds per vehicle and even on a medium-sized fleet, could mean a total six-figure variance,” he warned.

Gladding also warned that bad driver behaviour is linked with increased accident rates. Additionally, these drivers display a “general level of carelessness about the vehicle that can impact on residual values”.

A line up of car at a dealership at night To try to combat the problem, employers should enforce tighter driver controls and encourage higher levels of personal responsibility.

“Where employers make it clear that drivers have a high level of responsibility for the condition and use of their vehicle, the level of variance does close. Not completely, obviously, but enough to make a stronger stance worthwhile,” Gladding concluded.

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