Auction Fever with Andy Conde

Latest update from auctioneer Andy

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I am still seeing overpriced dealer and trade vehicles being offered and strong bids are being refused when they should be getting sold. The commercial sector is particularly strong and at our dedicated Commercial Auction Centres in Shotts, Leeds, Haydock, Gloucester and Colchester, both LCV and HGV have seen some outstanding sales this week.

The key to the job at the moment is, getting the best buyers to attend the sales and sensible vendors, that’s the name of the game.
We are still seeing some big entries around the group but also the sales conversions are on the up and a number of the large fleet companies are coming to the part as far as realism on pricing is concerned. The big dealer groups however are still looking for some very strong money in a weakening market place and they need to realise that sometimes it’s better to walk away from a deal than over pay over the odds and hoping that the auctions can wave a magic wand.
It is being reported to me that retail is slow and those supermarkets who have been selling 30 or 40 a day are now down to around 10 and ultimately this will make a difference to their buying power. My feeling is, is that once we are through May and now the election is out of the way, everything will settle down and we will return to some form of normality.

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