Cars outside a Manheim auction centre

Weekly auction update from Andy Conde - 26th October 2015

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The tides have certainly turned this week, no more than what we anticipated and I have to say, probably 2 weeks later than we expected which is good news.

The big boys are still out there buying and there will certainly be some bargains around these next few weeks, anyone brave enough and with enough capital not to require a quick sale will definitely profit.

The 4x4 market is just kicking into gear and I have seen several makes and models over the past week or so make very strong money. Likewise, there is no better time to buy a VW, we have seen the adverse publicity but make no mistake this is still a great product and a great company and when confidence returns, they will be one of the top selling marques.

Last week I took the Auctioneers Academy students for a day with RADA, the value we all had was priceless and even an old hand like me learned so much about breathing, pausing, stance and of course presenting. Many of the students were apprehensive but they will all tell you it was one of the most rewarding and worthwhile days of their auctioneering careers and I doubt they will ever experience one better. We will now be putting this into practice as we see the development of our future auctioneers grow and flourish.

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