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Buy Now is fast becoming the simplest way to get hold of stock. Over 80% of consumers now begin the search for their next car online, so it should come as no surprise that more and more trade buyers are doing the same. "Technology has altered the way we sell cars," says Dave Parry, Manheim’s Online Director. "More and more of our customers want to make instant business decisions and Buy Now puts that power at their fingertips. Literally!"

Buy Now vehicles are listed on the Manheim website 24/7 and there’s a great selection of makes and models ranging from 1,000 – 150,000 miles, grades 1 to 5, from 6 month to 7 years old, there’s definitely something for every buyer.
You can browse at any time, find the right stock and buy instantly at a fixed price with a single click. There’s no haggling, no bidding and no waiting around to see if your offer will be accepted.
We’re keen to help make sure our customers get the most from each of our online buying channels. So to quickly get you up to speed, we’ve pulled together a number of Top Tips for using Buy Now.

These should give you an insight into how this convenient way-to-buy works, plus give you the confidence to begin bidding and buying online in next to no time at all.

Buy vehicles simply with one click, using Buy Now•    Do your research – study the digital images, condition reports and detailed vehicle information provided on every vehicle
•    Get in touch direct using instant message if you have any questions – we’re happy to tell you what we know about the vehicles
•    You can also speak to us in person during office hours by calling our Trade Sales Team on 0844 856 4604
•    These vehicles are listed online 24/7, so you can Buy Now with a click whenever it suits you
•    Remember! Other buyers are browsing too, so once you’ve spotted a vehicle you want, act fast. It just takes a single click to buy it

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How Buy Now Works
•    Cars are listed online with a fixed price
•    Full information is available to view – detailed images, condition reports, etc
•    Immediate access using your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC
•    Browse from anywhere, at any time – cars listed 24/7
•    Buy instantly – the car can be yours with a single click
•    Puts you in control of buying your stock

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