Bidding at the rostrum of a Manheim auction centre

Manheim has some of the best auctioneers in the business

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Stand up and take a bow Manheim Bruntingthorpe. A fantastic BMW sale with 100% sold of the 500 vehicles offered last Friday says an awful lot, for not only the branch, the marque but also the great team effort that made this sale such a success.

Let us just look at how good this sale really was. We all remember the monumental sale at Colchester 6 weeks ago when over 1000 vehicles sold but while the numbers are not on the same scale, the success, in my view was even better.

During last week BMW held two large auctions with our competitors and the fear may have been that the buyers were spent up, not so.

There are signs that with increased numbers of vehicles on the horizon the job is slowing down and the demand would start to ease, no signs of that at Bruntingthorpe.

As I have said, buyers may well have spent up but with a great effort by our buyer services team, certainly no sign of that at Bruntingthorpe.

I am probably biased but I firmly believe that quality auctioneers make such a difference. Bid makers, not bid takers are the key and at Bruntingthorpe we saw some of the best in the business in action, all in all a big pat on the back to everyone involved.

Elsewhere, we are starting to see signs of increased numbers coming from our main dealer vendors but, despite this, trade is still as strong and buyers are hungry to buy desirable stock to satisfy the appetites of their retail customers.
With Easter just around the corner, this can quite often be a defining moment for the auction industry until probably the Autumn but sensible reserves, quality auctioneers, good buyer marketing and vendors who are keen to sell will be the key.

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