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Toyota named one of the world's best brands, beating Amazon and McDonald's

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Not only has Toyota claimed the title of best automotive brand in world, it has also come an impressive sixth in a study of the best brands in the world, says Automotive Management online.

Toyota held its place among the creme-de-la-creme of brands, even beating the likes of Amazon, McDonald's, Samsung and GE in the top 10, in Interbrand's 2015 Best Global Brands Study. It was the only automotive brand to earn a place in the top 10.

Apple topped the list, followed by Google and Coca-Cola in second and third place.

However, the performance of BMW and Mercedes-Benz was pretty impressive too. They took 11th place and 12th place in the list of best brands.

Image of a ToyotaA total of 15 automotive brands made the top 100, of which Nissan was the "Top Riser", rising from 90th to 46th place. Its success, says Interbrand, is thanks to the brand's engagement with millennials, effective sponsorship opportunities and customisation offerings.

Volkswagen is still in the top five most valued automotive brands, despite a fall of 9% in brand value. This may have nothing to do with the recent emissions scandal, since fellow VW Group brand Audi did not see a negative impact – its brand value increased by 5% this year.

Here's how the list shaped up for automotive brands:

1. Toyota
2. BMW
3. Mercedes-Benz
4. Honda
5. Volkswagen
6. Ford
7. Hyundai
8. Audi
9. Nissan
10. Porsche
11. Kia
12. Harley-Davidson
13. Chevrolet
14. Land Rover
15. Mini

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