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Auction update from Andy Conde - 21st March 2016

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We are very good at talking the job up but equally unknowingly good at talking the job down. The anticipation that things will change is a bit like a turkey waiting for Christmas. So, let us celebrate and enjoy the great achievements we have had so far.

Who would have thought that at Easter we would still be seeing 80+% conversion rates across the board? Despite the big numbers coming back from prestige manufacturers like BMW, that we would still be selling 100% of entry close to 300 units in Bruntingthorpe.

Andy CondeWe are attracting fresh buyers week after week as they appreciate the diversity and quality of stock we have to offer compared to our competitors. Let’s look at Shotts, this is a hidden gem, so many quality cars on offer from big dealer groups all ready to retail and prime stock for our supermarket buyers. Great service from James and the team and a selection of vehicles that is unrivalled north of the border, from MINI to Mercedes and Mondeo to Maseratti it really is a hive of activity and should be top of an auction list for any buyer.

Washington, week on week have rows of quality vehicles from vendors such as Benfield, Arnold Clark, Santander etc. and further south, Listers offering over 200 vehicles every Wednesday at Birmingham from all their prestige dealerships and the list goes on!

I cannot stress the importance of these two vital points, the condition of any vehicle is paramount to the price it will make and equally important is vendor representation providing the ability to make an instant decision. The sound of the auctioneers gavel coming down gives buyers confidence to bid and how many times have we seen a vendor get a vehicle on sale early and that vehicle then goes on to make well in excess of reserve.

Yes the markets will change but we as auctioneers, the vendors and buyers will need to react too and between us there is no reason why we cannot all continue to have a slice from what has been a very tasty cake so far in 2016.

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