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Over 200 dealers sign up to RAC Car Passport in first week

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Over 200 used car dealers have signed up to the RAC's Car Passport provenance scheme in the first week of its launch, reports Car Dealer Magazine.

The comprehensive vehicle check tool offers a low-cost alternative to existing market products from the likes of Experian and Cap Hpi. It provides dealers with high-quality information, backed by the credibility of the RAC brand.

Managing director of motoring services at the RAC, Robert Diamond, commented that things have moved fast with a strong uptake from independent traders who are able to change supplier quickly.

"However, we are also in the process of talking to dealer groups, manufacturers and others who may have contractual ties to our competitors." They all agree with our assessment that this is a sector that needed more competition – and that we are now providing it, Diamond said.

To encourage dealers to sign up, the RAC has extended its introductory offer of £1 per check to 30 April. After this date, a standard price of £2.99 per check will be introduced with reductions for bulk checks. If a dealer uses Car Passport to carry out over 50,000 checks, for instance, then each check will be priced at just 99p.

RAC's pricing undercuts similar services by at least 50 pence and unlike some of its competitors, dealers are not required to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Features of the Car Passport include customer-facing, downloadable content designed to boost check credibility, £10,000 of insurance that can be boosted to £50,000 to safeguard expensive vehicles, and a mileage-adjusted valuation that can be upgraded to a Glass's valuation for an additional price.

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