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Families discuss choice of company car

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Company car drivers take their family's opinions into consideration when choosing a new vehicle, according to research commissioned by Skoda.

Atomik Research questioned 601 company car drivers in May 2016, revealing that they often discuss the options with their partner and children. For nearly half of drivers, their partner is their first port of call. Almost four in 10 (39%) men seek their wife's opinions and over half (51%) of women discuss the choice with their husbands.

Close up of a car headlightMeanwhile, children get a say in around one in seven households (15%) -- and many drivers claimed that their kids' opinions matter most.

In general, the survey showed that men seek fewer opinions than women, with 11% claiming they don't consult anyone at all. Conversely, more than a third of women (35%) ask for opinions from as many people as possible, including colleagues and friends.

Company cars are not just used for work, of course. Outside the 'nine to five', Skoda found that corporate vehicles are used on average for 55 minutes a day for non-work purposes.

Nearly half (47%) of business drivers use their car to take children to and from school, while almost three quarters (73%) take their kids to social occasions and sports practice every week.

Commenting on the study findings, Henry Williams, head of fleet at Skoda UK, said: "At Skoda, we understand a company car isn't just used for business, it's also for home life. Our models combine cutting-edge technology and affordable company car tax rates, with features that families love -- particularly spacious interiors and high levels of practicality."

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