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Vans on dealer forecourts have more faults than cars

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A recent study by AA Vehicle Inspections, the AA's inspection service for dealers, revealed that more faults are found on vans than any other vehicle type.

Vehicle inspectors were asked about the pre-sale inspections they carry out at dealers across the UK, and 40% said that vans inspected on the forecourt had the most problems.

Line up of vans at an auction centreMeanwhile, a quarter (24%) of the inspectors said that medium class cars were found to have the most faults during inspection, and 12% discovered faults on sports cars more than any other class of vehicle.

When asked about the most common faults they found on petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles, the inspectors revealed that almost all faults (96%) found on diesel cars related to the engine, compared to 64% of faults relating to the engine on petrol cars. A third (32%) of faults on petrol vehicles related to the chassis, steering or electrics.

On hybrids and electric cars, faults commonly relate to the electrics. The AA inspectors said that 72% of problems detected on hybrids and 64% on electric cars concerned the electrics, electronics and lighting.

Mileage is also a factor, but a higher mileage doesn't necessarily mean a vehicle will have more faults. Almost half of inspectors (48%) discovered more problems on vehicles with mileage between 100,000 and 149,000 miles, compared to just 12% finding more faults on vehicles with mileage above 150,000 miles.

Lastly, more than half of inspectors reported that over a quarter of the vehicles they inspected had illegal or unsafe tyres.

Commenting on the findings, David Bruce, director of AA Vehicle Inspections, said: "A high number of our inspectors found more faults on vans at dealers than any other vehicle type. Identifying faults and providing feedback before vehicles are sold to customers helps dealers to improve their stock.

"It shows the value of having a comprehensive inspection carried out on stock, particularly stock that might be susceptible to faults."

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