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Our passionate and expert team of commercial vehicle experts share their views.

Matthew Davock, Head of LCV at Manheim
A strong end to the LCV summer market as the outlook for Q4 remains positive
LCV's at Manheim
LCV market remains bouyant as Manheim records another record-breaking month
Hitachi HQ at Trowbridge
Manheim auction event sells over £1.1m for Hitachi
Matthew Davock, Head of LCV at Manheim
Average selling price rises for sixth consecutive month at Manheim
clean air zone
LCV Week: The Famous Five – Clean Air Zone Update by City
double cab pick-up truck
LCV Week: How will double cab pick-ups be classed?
Exhaust fumes from van
LCV Week: How will WLTP affect the LCV sector?
Fleet of vans
LCV Week: Is it time to upgrade your fleet?
LCV Week: Why diesel will be the main player for some years to come
Manheim record demand for LCV UK
Manheim reports healthy LCV market for May
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