New truck, trailer and plant auction centre - Manheim Coventry

Manheim trumps rivals with inauguration of dedicated Coventry HGV auction centre

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The launch of the UK’s first and only weekly truck and trailer auction, held at Manheim Coventry, saw several new records being set by the UK’s number one CV auction company.

New truck, trailer and plant auction centre - Manheim CoventryThe centre opened its doors for business early January, holding its launch event on the 19th of January at its dedicated six-acre truck, trailer and plant auction centre in Rowley Drive, Coventry.

The event saw over 130 trucks and trailers sell for a total of more than £1.5 million, making it Manheim’s highest value truck and trailer sale on record. The auction enjoyed quality entries from a choice selection of blue chip vendors. Significant demand has seen an all new vendor auction programme with weekly and fortnightly sale slot opportunities.

Auctioneer Chris Mynott at Manheim CoventryThe event attracted 324 registered buyers, a new record for Manheim’s truck business. Two thirds of the buyers joined the event remotely via Simulcast, Manheim’s online bidding platform, and between them they registered more than 1,200 individual bids and secured 47% of the entry.

Throughout 2016, Manheim saw over 90% of all trucks offered attract an online bid and 56% of all trucks offered sold to online buyers, so the result highlights the diversity of buyers who supported the launch sale.

Auctioneer Terry Stout at Manheim CoventryThe combined gross vehicle weight of the trucks sold was 2,159 tonnes, equivalent to 12 Boeing 747-400 aircraft. Their total tachograph kilometres were over 36 million – enough to drive around the world almost 900 times.

James Davis, director of commercial vehicles at Manheim, said: “The decision to consolidate Manheim’s English truck, trailer and plant sale programme into Coventry has exceeded all initial expectations. The engagement and feedback from clients and team members alike has been overwhelming. We are clearly investing in people, premises and product to demonstrate our commitment to commercial vehicles. We are stepping up the game to reflect the importance of this sector.”

He continues “Manheim is unique in holding a weekly sale in a truly dedicated truck, trailer and plant centre, which does not feature any car or van sales. Manheim Coventry, and our commercial vehicle business, is dedicated to our clients and helping them to succeed.”

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