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Fuel costs are top concern for fleet managers

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The price of fuel is the number one concern for fleet managers in the UK, according to a new survey.

Among 250 fleet managers surveyed by vehicle glass specialist Autoglass, fuel costs and efficiency were listed as the top concern, followed by service and maintenance costs.

Motorway with sign saying to check your fuel levelThese worries were at similar levels to a previous survey in 2014, but the research also revealed an increase in concerns about CO2 emissions -- jumping from 12th place on the list of issues to third in the latest survey.

Driver safety and behaviour was in fourth place on the list.

Meanwhile, with changes to company car taxation and road tax coming into force in April 2017, the survey showed an increase in concerns about tax and regulatory changes.

Jeremy Rochfort, national sales manager at Autoglass, commented: "2017 is shaping up to be a green year for UK fleets, following several key measures announced in the chancellor's Autumn Statement, not least the lower tax on ultra-low emissions vehicles. Also, the introduction of Ultra Low Emissions Zones in cities like London, which will incur additional costs for vehicles which don't comply, is helping to focus the mind."

The survey also found that fleet managers did not view 'keeping up to date with the latest vehicle technologies' as one of their top priorities, despite the fast pace of innovation and change by manufacturers.

"It's encouraging to see that driver safety remains a top priority overall, but it appears there is room for improvement when it comes to knowledge and awareness of new technologies like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that are increasingly a feature of fleets in order to improve safety," Rochfort added.

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