Fleet vehicle being auctioned after defleet

Fleets benefit from rostrum presence, says Glass's

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Rostrum representation can help fleets maximise residual values, according to valuations specialist Glass's.

Rupert Pontin, head of valuations for Glass's, said in a recent blog post that having a representative attend an auction in person helps to keep the auction moving and prices strong.

In fact, Pontin asserts, rostrum representation from fleets is becoming "ever more important to achieving good results" at motor auctions.

Auctioneers from the UK auction centresHe points out that fleets selling a large amount of stock or running dedicated sales are facing a used car market where traders have more vehicles to choose from, after several years of shortages.

"This means that in order to keep an auction 'buzzing' it has become very important to have someone on the rostrum who can help to keep the sale moving by quickly signaling their acceptance or rejection of bids to the auctioneer," Pontin explains.

The representative attending the auction can have their spreadsheet open, giving a good overview of the total sale and allowing them to accept lower prices on a few cars when they have done well on others in order to achieve their overall objective.

Rostrum presence is also appreciated by traders, as it enables them to find out first hand details about the history of a car or even negotiate post-sale deals on unsold stock.

"As more and more sales go online, there is a tendency for fewer fleets to attend sales but being there in person has a definite and positive effect," Pontin says.

"Buying and selling at an auction is very much a human interaction and having a human on the ground is something that makes the whole process work more effectively for everyone."

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