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Impact of Clean Air Zones on UK van operators exposed in new guide

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Clean Air Zone Guide

The imminent launch of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the subsequent rollout of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in towns and cities up and down the UK will impact van operators perhaps more than any other road user.

Our intelligence indicates around 3.3 million vans do not currently meet the ULEZ/CAZ exemption criteria – or in other words, 80% of the vans currently on UK roads will attract a penalty charge if entering the ULEZ or a CAZ because their engines do not meet the required emission standards.

If you’re a sole trader or small business in particular, the impact of these charges on your operating costs will be significant. And with each scheme likely to operate differently, with varying exemption criteria and penalty structures, for anyone operating vans in multiple geographies, navigating this new system will be challenging.
To help van operators understand what’s coming, we have produced a free guide - Clean Air Zones and the UK Van Operator: What You Need to Know . The guide aims to explain what the incoming CAZs are and how they will likely operate and give direction to van operators trying to understand what this change could mean to their business.

It’s vital we all take action to improve air quality, particularly in our urban environments. But it’s equally vital all van operators understand how these new CAZs will impact their daily operations and what steps they should be taking to prepare for the future.

To download your free copy, simply click here now.

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