HGVs lined up

Scintillating Summer for Manheim HGV

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HGVs lined up

As September draws to a close I’ve taken a moment to reflect on the past couple of months. 2019 was truly a summer to remember.

Our new HGV auction programme is going from strength to strength. Buyers and vendors alike are well settled now and the number of both continues to grow - great news for the months ahead!

We’ve had some fantastic results for our physical and virtual vendors with average conversion rates sitting over the 70% mark. The summer-time usually brings a softening of the market, and days-to-sell have increased as a result, but the strong values we’ve achieved have more than made up for it. 

With a steady average entry of circa 100 trucks per auction, our buyers have been consistent with their appetite for stock, giving strong money for good quality trucks. Well-presented and sensibly-priced stock is finding a new home with ease. The great relationships we have with buyers and vendors allows us to keep the flow of stock moving to keep the entry fresh and desirable. Everyone’s a winner!

Our virtual offering has been particularly successful over the summer months. Stock located up and down the country, imaged and appraised on site at our customer’s premises or at our own auction centres, and offered live via our Simulcast online bidding facility, is simultaneously sold with our physical auctions at Bruntingthorpe - the best of both worlds.

A perfect example of this was realised just three weeks ago. We sold a batch of trailers for a national rail company from a site of theirs in Yorkshire. As they were out of MOT, the transport cost to an auction centre would have been considerable, approaching the £5,000 mark at our best estimation. So we completed on-site inspections, took great images, and ran a targeted marketing campaign to sell the trucks on-site. The auction day result was phenomenal – 213% of the vendor reserve across the board, simply fantastic! And an enormous saving in transport cost to boot. A great example of the complete facets of Manheim’s HGV offering working together for the best results, just magic!

So what’s HOT ?
•  Late Euro 6 stock, with low kms, of any derivative, still very much sought after
•  7.5 ton tippers, still in huge demand, up to 7 or 8 years old, making top money
•  Early Euro 6 rigids, sub 250k, still looking very good value for money and selling well
•  Tanks of any kind, there are numerous around it seems but demand is very high and prices are rocketing!

And what’s NOT ?
•  Early Euro 6 tractor units with high kms, still very tricky to place, abundant in the market at present
•  Run-of-the-mill 10+ year old boxes/curtains, high numbers in the market and some are at breaking money now it seems
•  18-ton refrigerated trucks, typically selling well during the summer months, but oversupply in the market has hit demand

And so on we go into the Autumn months, stock levels are looking good and whilst the political uncertainty remains in the UK, one thing is for sure and that’s the Manheim HGV wagon keeps on rolling.

Chris Mynott

Chris Mynott, National HGV Manager

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