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Manheim launches imagery product to help dealers speed up online vehicle advertising

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QuickList Imagery

Manheim has launched a new product called QuickList Imagery to help dealers reduce the time it takes to add imagery to their online adverts.

QuickList Imagery allows customers to buy Manheim’s wholesale images when they win a vehicle at auction. As part of the product, buyers can choose the original interior and exterior vehicle images or opt for customised images with a personalised background.

The product launch follows a recent dealer survey by Manheim in which 79% of respondents said that time spent taking or obtaining images was a challenge, while 60% confirmed that it typically takes at least three days to list a vehicle for sale with full imagery.

Matthew Boulton, Head of Product at Manheim, said: “We know that vehicles attract a lot more consumer interest when they are listed with images, and our customers are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency in this area.”

“With QuickList Imagery, buyers get our original photo-booth pictures immediately, or we’ll provide customised images with a background of their choice within 12 hours. This gives retailers the opportunity to list the vehicle online with imagery and start generating consumer interest even before it arrives on their forecourt.”

In the last three years, Manheim has made a significant investment in its imagery capability, installing 360 degree, HD image booths at all its auction centres, and rolling out a hi-res imaging app to its vehicle inspectors.

Peter Bell, Managing Director at Manheim, said: “We know that, for our customers, time is money. A small family hatchback depreciates at around £7 a day on average, so reducing the time it takes to generate consumer interest could make a real difference to profit margins.”

“I’m delighted that we’ve launched this product to help our buyers improve efficiency, advertise with imagery quicker, and reduce days to sell for the stock they buy through us.”

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