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If you’re looking for the simplest way to buy quality stock, take a look at our calendar of scheduled open and closed online auctions. Use your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC to browse and bid from the comfort of your own dealership, choosing from a regular selection of exclusive fresh-to market vehicles. Each auction is hosted live by an experienced Manheim auctioneer. Once the auction begins you can use Live Chat to ask questions, plus watch, bid and compete for vehicles in real time. Auctions available online now >

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  •    Check out the catalogue and study the vehicle images and details online

  •    When the auction is scheduled to begin, simply log on to attend

  •    Watch and listen live from any location using your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC

  •    Communicate direct with the auctioneer using instant message

  •    Choose from exclusive premium stock, usually direct from the manufacturer

  •    Bid at any time with a click, screen tap or finger stroke

  •    On-the-day decisions – the manufacture usually attends each auction

  • Watch the Online Auctions video here and see how simple it is to bid for vehicles available for auction online.

    Or take a look at our blog post and find out from one of our Online Auctioneers what’s great about bidding and buying online.

    Online is on the up

    "When you consider how simple buying online is, it’s no surprise that over one third of all vehicles sold are now bought this way," says Dave Parry, Manheim's Online Director.
    "This also explains why more and more dealers are enjoying the convenience of browsing and buying remotely. Many also tell me they really value the time and money saved by doing everything from their desks."

    With online auctions every week, sourcing top quality stock at Manheim really is simple. Find the next Online Auction >

    Online Auctions at-a-glance

    •    Choose from regular open and closed online auctions
    •    Exclusive high-quality fresh-to-market stock
    •    Mostly from manufacturers and major vendors
    •    Browse, bid and buy from the comfort of your own dealership
    •    Log on using our mobile, tablet, laptop or PC
    •    Hosted live by an experienced Manheim auctioneer

    Join the Online Auctions >
    Entering Online Auctions is simple with Manheim

    Helpful Hints for buying with Online Auctions

    We’re keen to help make sure you get the most from each of our online buying channels. So to quickly get you up to speed, we’ve put together a number of Top Tips for using Online Auctions.

    These should give you an insight into how this convenient way-to-buy works, plus give you the confidence to begin bidding and buying online in next to no time at all.

    •    As with all auctions, it’s always a good idea to do your research before the auction begins. You’ll find all vehicles listed in the online catalogue with digital images, full condition reports and detailed information
    •    Find the vehicles you’re interested in, then add them to your watch list – this way, you’ll receive alerts from us when each vehicle is being auctioned
    •    Add the auction date to your diary. All online auctions are scheduled with a fixed start time, just like our physical auctions
    •    Listen to the auctioneer. You’ll hear all the important information about every vehicle, live
    •    Remember, once the auction begins, you can communicate with Manheim’s auctioneer and ask questions using Instant Messenger
    •    Bid quickly with a click. Online Auctions are fast paced with lots of bidders all watching and bidding at the same time. So when you’re ready, place your bid

    Making it Simple

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    Buying online 24/7 at a fixed price with a simple click, anytime, anywhere

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    the simple way to bid live from any location using your mobile, tablet or laptop

    Everything you need to know

    about bidding online for vehicles simply with our fixed period sales

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    finding stock simply, with daily searches on your behalf - let us do the work for you

    Online Auctions give you exclusive access to quality fresh-to-market cars

    Our helpful customer services team are here to guide you through anything you need, contact them today to find out more about Online Auctions.

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